Environmental education

Tatra National Park Management has prepared a range of environmental education activities for kindergartens and primary schools. These programs are used to make contact with children in schools in the regions of the Tatras, the area below the Tatras and in Liptov. Discussions, lectures, the screening of educational and promotional films, videos and power point presentations are used to instil different ways and methods in children of how to protect nature and the environment in which we live on a daily basis. Meetings held outdoors in nature and various practical skills instructed through interpretative and other methods of instructions are interesting, challenging and instructive to the properly selected target group of young conservationists. Tatra National Park Management has not forgotten about those of pre-school age in kindergartens as well. They are very diligent and surprisingly enough they know a great deal about nature.

Important events throughout the year include World Wetlands Day, World Earth Day, World Environment Day, European Day of National Parks, World Day of Migratory Birds and others, while Tatra National Park Management annually prepares various other activities, ranging from rubbish collection and the clean-up of illegal dumps to visits to outdoor school sessions in which a great deal of environmental activities are conducted in the field. Professional Tatra National Park Management personnel meet with students of secondary schools, universities and the public within environmental education activities as well. There are no shortage of interesting lectures available as well.

The "Mladý stopár " (“Young Tracker”) presentation can be downloaded here.

The "Kvety " (“Flowers”) presentation can be downloaded here.


Information centre


Visitors from far and wide have the opportunity to take in the permanent exhibition prepared by Tatra National Park Management inside the Museum of Liptov Village in Pribylina. The proper information centre gives visitors the ability to get to know the beauty of the surrounding natural environment, history, flora and fauna in the Tatras on a much more intimate level. 




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